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ALB Collection STONE - bowl

product description

This new masterpiece is inspired by our popular product Alpamayo. Its advantage is in its light weight and attractive timeless design. It is made of PTFE coated aluminum. Inside there is a thin PTFE layer that protects from burning food on the cookware. One of the biggest advantages of this PTFE layer is easy manipulation, maintenance and comfy cooking. PTFE layer is super easy to wash - use sponge or small tatter. We offer this bowl in 2 variatons - Wood and Stone. 

Non-stick stone effect - Heart of Stone

Non-stick saucepan with one handle and 5 layers of Mineral STONE effect with a stone effect and with more than 300 times more non-stickiness than a traditional coating.

  • 99.5% pure aluminum with a high differentiated thickness from 4 mm to 6 mm
  • Non-stick titanium reinforced coating with very high thermal stability
  • Free of PFOA, nickel, cadmium and other heavy metals
  • Soft touch, ergonomic and heat-insulating anti-slip handles for a perfect and secure grip
  • Micro-directed anti-slip bottom that distributes heat evenly

KS x CARTON: 6 pcs
A CODE: 032847

Product description

This range of dishes is made with a special and innovative surface with a Mineral STONE stone effect. It contains natural mineral microparticles with reinforced titanium, the lightest and most resistant metal in nature. Multilayer coating with a unique mixture of titanium particles mixed into an extremely hard and very compact surface. The surface is able to:

  • rapid heating and long-term heat retention
  • guarantee of a very high degree of non-stickiness
  • ensuring exceptional resistance to scratches, cuts, abrasions and wear
  • offer strong resistance to the harmful effects of fats and foods high in sugar
  • allow easy cleaning both with rough sponges and in the dishwasher

Volume: 1 L
Weight: 115 grams
Dimensions: Ø190 mm; height: 60 mm 

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