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ALB Collection WOOD - set

product description

This new masterpiece is inspired by our popular product Alpamayo. Its advantage is in its light weight and attractive timeless design. It is made of PTFE coated aluminum. Inside there is a thin PTFE layer that protects from burning food on the cookware. One of the biggest advantages of this PTFE layer is easy manipulation, maintenance and comfy cooking. PTFE layer is super easy to wash - use sponge or small tatter. We offer this set in 2 variatons - Wood and Stone. 

New technology patented by Italy allows you to cook recipes inspired by nature. The magic and warmth of the wood has been reproduced on sophisticated cooking tools thanks to an innovative and patented surface

It is the NATURAL WOOD surface that is non-stick, extremely resistant to cuts and scratches. It is perfectly environmentally friendly. The ecologically sustainable product is based on the spirit of sustainable forests. It combines with the properties of aluminum for a healthy and light kitchen capable of evoking the natural taste of food.


The innovative and patented AM NATURAL WOOD coating in the wood effect is equipped with microparticles, which create an extremely hard and compact surface capable of:

• Ensure high thermal resistance
• Ensure a high degree of non-adhesion
• Provide exceptional resistance to scratches, cuts, abrasions and wear
• Offer strong resistance to the harmful effects of fats and sugars
• Allow easy cleaning both with coarse sponges and in the dishwasher.

Thanks to developments taken from Italian laboratories, our kit does not release toxic substances. Even at very high temperatures. It reduces CO2 emissions, speeds up and facilitates cooking with significant energy savings and reduced environmental pollutants.


Wood-finish: you feel the power of wood and an unrivaled experience.


Unmistakable and inimitable design.
• Revolutionary patented wood effect coating.
• Larger capacity: + 30% compared to traditional products.
• Ergonomic and athermic wooden handles for a unique design.
• 99.5% high-thickness aluminum body, forged for perfect heat diffusion and better food preparation.
• The lower part is designed for even heat distribution, which allows ideal cooking and ensures perfect flatness of the tool.
• It heats up quickly to avoid wasting energy.
• Ideal for cooking without oil and fat
• 300 times more non-stick surface than traditional non-stick coating.
• 300x more resistant to cuts and scratches than a traditional non-stick pan.
• Strong resistance to the harmful effects of fats and foods high in sugar
• Easy to clean even in the dishwasher.
• The coating does not contain PFOA, nickel, cadmium and heavy metals
• Test quality: internal controls have been carried out to ensure the absolute suitability and safety of non-stick food coatings.
• Products with certified materials for maximum reliability.

Bowl: Ø 160 mm, height 54 mm, volume 1,1 L, weight 113 g
Pan/lid: Ø 176 mm, height 53 mm, volume 1,1 L, weight 150 g
Overall dimensions: Ø 176 mm, height 98 mm, weight 26 g

Other components:

Bowl and pan/lid
Turned bottom of the bowl for better stability
Folded hands covered with silicone
clothed cover


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