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Titan BASIC three-pieces camping cookware

product description

Made of high - quality titanium Gr. 1, thickness 0.5 mm. The pot and pan/lid are strengthened with rolled rims (to achieve  stability and protection against deformation). The base size is adapted to make for simple cooking (stirring) and cleaning. The bigger pot has a slip resistant base which is designed to fix the pot on the stove. The pots and lid are finished  with a folding handle (Ti wire), covered with silicone sheeting to protect against burns. (max. 250 gr. C). The pots also have volume scale marks for easy measurement of  volume in litres.

Bowl: Ø160 mm - 1.5 litre
Bowl: Ø140 mm - 1.0 litre
Pan/lid: Ø170 mm - 0.5 litre
Weight: 365 grams
Overall dimensions: Ø 175 mm; Height: 100 mm

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