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  • Wire grips of Lunchbox for Thermocover

Wire grips of Lunchbox for Thermocover

product description

A stretcher that allows you to take away 3 bowls with lids at once.

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Thermocover grips
2.5 €

100 % reliable

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Gummy isolater of thermolid
3 €

Dont let it out.

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Lunchbox without thermocover (plastic lid + handles)
on request - from 34.18 €

Great functionality, great manipulation and great price. Great at its all.

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Stainless lid to the Lunchbox to the Thermocover
5 €

Functionality at its best.

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Aluminium LunchBox
14.67 €

Is something remaining? Fill me!

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Thermolid with isolater
10.99 €

Lets have your warm meal.

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