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Milk boiling pot 0,9 L, st. steel 18/10

product description

The basic principle of this milk panis the construction of a container with two walls between which there is water.

The food is thus cooked in a water bath so that it does not burn, does not burn and thus does not lose some biological food ingredients due to high temperatures (the food is prepared at temperatures up to 100 oC).

The whistle leaking steam indicates that the water inside is already boiling and the pot is starting to use the maximum possible boiling point.

The dairy is made of the highest quality food st. steel 18/10 with a volume of 0,9 liters. The outer surface is polished, the inner surface is brushed.

The product is particularly suitable for cooking milk, for preparing and heating dairy foods (puddings, cocoa), jellies, marmalades, various sauces and mashes. It is especially recommended for preparing baby food and dietary meals.
Very often used when working with wax.

Method of use:
Before use, the whistle cap / plug is removed from the spout and poured water (about 0.1 L) through the hole into the space between the two shells.
The whistle cover gently slides back onto the filler neck. In this way, the milk pan is ready for use.

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