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Universal camping SAMOVAR - BASIC 0,5L

product description

- 0.5 litres capacity, made of aluminium.
For outdoor use and fast boiling of water while using natural fuels such as Wood, dry grass etc. Cooking is independent of weather conditions (wind, rain). The whistle signalizes that the water has boiled. The Samovar has foldable handles for compact storage and easy handling and is equipped with silicone to protects against burns. The  Samovar boils water within 3—5 minutes over an open fire. The Samovar set contains a wire pot support, fire base and carrier bag. The pot is not included. When using the wire pot support and the pot itself it is possible to boil water and warm up food at the same time.

0.5 litre

Overall dimension – Ø 140 mm

Height – 270 mm

Weight – 520 g
(except wire support and pot)


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